Beauty is Permanent: What will Cosmetic Procedures be like in 10 Years?

Beauty is commonly defined as qualities in a person that is essentially pleasurably admired. The aspiration for an individual to want to feel beautiful is simply common sense. Don’t you want to be beautiful? Although beauty trends within the world are constantly changing, people will always want to change the way they look in orderContinue reading “Beauty is Permanent: What will Cosmetic Procedures be like in 10 Years?”

‘Minimal’ Animation Design Analysis and Reflection

This motion design task was not only a creative way to express myself but it also taught me a large number of technical methods on Adobe After Effects. This was accomplished through ‘Design Thinking‘, alongside learning the motion design fundamentals (primary, secondary and temporal) including staging, secondary action, timing and anticipation, as well as graphicContinue reading “‘Minimal’ Animation Design Analysis and Reflection”

‘Minimal’ Animation Design Process

The animation that I created was inspired by very minimal, simplistic animations that are only created using simple shapes including circles and squares. After defining my concepts aesthetics, I moved to the research stage of design thinking and successfully found a colour scheme (earthy tones), a visual image and an animation to gain inspiration from.Continue reading “‘Minimal’ Animation Design Process”

Live Tweeting: Predicting the future in films

Within this blog post, I will provide a range of evidence to prove my live tweeting ability, as well as my engagement with my peers’ tweets during BCM325’s movie screenings. This experience overall allowed me to engage with not only my own personal thoughts of the future but to also grasp what others were thinkingContinue reading “Live Tweeting: Predicting the future in films”

Pitch comment Insights: My thoughts on your ideas

Hayden Curley – Sustainable Footprint Hayden’s digital artefact is an in-depth look on how human consumption will affect the environment in 10 years’ time in biodiversity. He will be creating a twitter account sharing information and articles, and an Instagram account sharing visual content.  In terms of content, he stated that he will shareContinue reading “Pitch comment Insights: My thoughts on your ideas”

Animal Cruelty Needs to End!

*Trigger warning: Some of the images and descriptive language provided are graphic. I will be discussing animals suffering and death. * As someone who has been surrounded by the internet for as long I can remember, I found it very interesting that there is very limited media coverage discussing animal cruelty. Animals are clearly extremely importantContinue reading “Animal Cruelty Needs to End!”

All Things Beauty: Girls Chat Space

Beauty is something that is constantly evolving and has been such an impactful aspect to so many individuals lives. The future of beauty involves not only make-up but also cosmetic procedures, beauty standards and fashion. The future of beauty is essential to learn about as an individual purchasing beauty products, as a cosmetic company orContinue reading “All Things Beauty: Girls Chat Space”

Digital Artefact: Girls Chat Space

For my digital artefact in previous subjects I created a makeup Instagram page called makeupby.caitt. This is the platform I used to share the makeup looks I created to those who use Instagram. I made this account to inspire others who love makeup and to have a space where I can collectively keep all of myContinue reading “Digital Artefact: Girls Chat Space”

The Internet of Things

What is the internet of things? The internet of things is a new multi-reality that leads to so many interesting capabilities. This involves physical objects having the ability to act, react or display something that allows humans to interact with it. This may include smart phones, Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, smart refrigerators etc.  These changesContinue reading “The Internet of Things”

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