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Fashion in the next 10 years: Functional Fashion??

Fashion is a form of social and cultural expression to present to society how we want to identify ourselves (Davis, 2013). Today I will be discussing my thoughts and insights on what I imagine the future of fashion will be like in the next 10 years. This will benefit those in the beauty community toContinue reading “Fashion in the next 10 years: Functional Fashion??”

Peer Digital Artefact Beta Commentary

Serena Sorrentino – ‘The Future of Beauty Trends’ Serena’s digital artefact is a 3 part blog series exploring beauty trends and a large final audio piece to summarise. All of her blog posts explore beauty trends, however they each discuss different forms of the future, her first blog being short term, second being mediumContinue reading “Peer Digital Artefact Beta Commentary”

Beauty is Permanent: What will Cosmetic Procedures be like in 10 Years?

Beauty is commonly defined as qualities in a person that is essentially pleasurably admired. The aspiration for an individual to want to feel beautiful is simply common sense. Don’t you want to be beautiful? Although beauty trends within the world are constantly changing, people will always want to change the way they look in orderContinue reading “Beauty is Permanent: What will Cosmetic Procedures be like in 10 Years?”

All Things Beauty: Girls Chat Space

Beauty is something that is constantly evolving and has been such an impactful aspect to so many individuals lives. The future of beauty involves not only make-up but also cosmetic procedures, beauty standards and fashion. The future of beauty is essential to learn about as an individual purchasing beauty products, as a cosmetic company orContinue reading “All Things Beauty: Girls Chat Space”