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Professional Values of Work – BCM313 Reflection

Interview: At the University of Wollongong, I am currently undertaking a subject called ‘The Future of Work’. This subject has, by far, been one of my favourite classes to take as I have learnt so much about the importance of work, and most importantly about myself. Within this subject we explore values in the workplace and narrative practices,Continue reading “Professional Values of Work – BCM313 Reflection”

A Reflection for the Future of Work

Hello there, I am a student at the University of Wollongong and I am currently attending a class called ‘The Future of Work‘. Within this class, we have explored many different aspects of work, including (but not limited to) work disruption, change management, relationships and self-work. We consider these concepts and explore them through aContinue reading “A Reflection for the Future of Work”

Cross-culture in Music, Social Media and the Creative Industries

Within my last blog post I explored how air pollution can be detrimental to an individuals lifestyle and may limit people from developing, overall effecting their learning capabilities. However, this is not always that case, as the development of digital technologies and economies are making it possible for improvements in Asian nations to become possible.Continue reading “Cross-culture in Music, Social Media and the Creative Industries”

My Story to Self-development

Story As a casual employee at a shoe retail store, I have encountered many disruptions and/or changes within my time working there. All the experiences I have had, have changed my work ethic and professional values, allowing me to develop as not only an employee but also as an individual.  In particular, the most recentContinue reading “My Story to Self-development”

Digital Transactions in Asia – Week 5

The third world countries in Asia, unfortunately do not have the accessibility to advanced technology that is provided in Australia. These developing countries are the poorer nations that have harsher living conditions and this includes poor air quality and educational opportunities. The impacts of air pollution on health are well known as about 7 millionContinue reading “Digital Transactions in Asia – Week 5”

AlphaGo – Week 3

AlphaGo (2017) is a documentary directed by Greg Kohs, exploring a 3000 year old board game “go”. This board game is a cultural game played in Korea, that many children grow up learning to play during their school years. Within this documentary, the battle of the talented player Lee Sedol and an AI is takenContinue reading “AlphaGo – Week 3”

People’s Republic of Desire – Week 1

People’s Republic of Desire (2018) is a documentary exploring the social transactions of two live streamers who seek fame, fortune and human connection to China’s “digital idol-making universe”. While watching this film, my tweets expressed my raw emotions towards the individuals, as I discovered the underlying struggles that these live streamers had to go throughContinue reading “People’s Republic of Desire – Week 1”

Ratatouille Opening Sequence Analysis and Reflection

I created this title sequence and opening credits for the film ‘Ratatouille’ as I thought it would be a very amusing and creative project. I knew there would be a couple challenges as I am extremely new to Adobe After Effects, however, I was up for the challenge as I knew the final result wouldContinue reading “Ratatouille Opening Sequence Analysis and Reflection”

Ratatouille Design Development

Initially when I conceptualised this idea in my head I wanted to create something playful and enjoyable for the audience to watch. I gained inspiration from many cartoon-like opening sequences, in particular, the ‘Art of The Title‘ title sequence and started to visualise my ideas by sketching them onto paper and later creating then inContinue reading “Ratatouille Design Development”