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Peer Digital Artefact Beta Commentary

  • Serena Sorrentino – ‘The Future of Beauty Trends’

Serena’s digital artefact is a 3 part blog series exploring beauty trends and a large final audio piece to summarise. All of her blog posts explore beauty trends, however they each discuss different forms of the future, her first blog being short term, second being medium term and the last blog being long term.

The first form of feedback was to consider making a podcast audio clip and discuss her personal opinions as the blogs already hold all the necessary information. This will be more engaging and will help to prevent repetition for her audience.

I also found that she has a very large audience and its relevance to them was unclear. This is where I linked an article to help her find deeper insights as to who her digital artefact is most beneficial to. This will help her discover her audience and raise the question of: Will they be cybernetics or cyborgs in the future?

She stated that she was struggling to relate her DA to lecture topics and the concept of the future. To help her with this issue, I found a useful article when researching for my personal digital artefact that explores the importance of beauty trends and how they are needed in the future.

  • Taylor Sumelj – ‘The Future of Me’

Taylor’s digital artefact is a 3 part blog series highlighting her plan to be established in the music industry, particularly marketing and event management. Her first post reflects her professional blog site ‘Listen Out’s development and future plan. The second blog post explains internships and work experience. Lastly, her third post will explain why volunteering is key networking in this industry. She will also produce a final YouTube video discussing the her future steps necessary for success.

I firstly provided a link to an article I found that will help Taylor create a professional and interesting final video for her digital artefact. This will provide a base to achieve a successful outcome.

I also raised questions about the current pandemic and if it will effect the future of the music industry. I shared a link to an article found that explores these changes, which will allow her to prepare her audience of the unexpected alterations that may occur. This will help her artefact explore the lecture topic of future trajectories and planning.

The last source of feedback was to share her blog site to relative groups on Facebook or Reddit and if this isn’t successful, to direct message people within the industry to support each other and create a community.

  • Hussein Hijazi – ‘My Future After Graduation’

Husseins digital artefact is also a 3 part series. His explores his personal plans, aspirations and goals for his future in social media marketing and social media management. His DA is aimed to inspire his audience (college student, soon to graduate) to plan their future after graduating.

The first form of feedback I provided for Hussein was to consider discussing the concept of covid-19 as it has changed many careers and i’m interested to know if these include jobs that are online based. This will allow Hussein to relate his DA to the lecture content of the future of cyberspace, as well as prepare his audience.

I lastly shared links to groups on alternative platforms including Facebook and Reddit as it would help for him to share his blogs to gain a larger audience and receive likes and views.

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