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Pitch comment Insights: My thoughts on your ideas

  1. Hayden Curley – Sustainable Footprint

Hayden’s digital artefact is an in-depth look on how human consumption will affect the environment in 10 years’ time in biodiversity. He will be creating a twitter account sharing information and articles, and an Instagram account sharing visual content. 

In terms of content, he stated that he will share information to his twitter account to raise awareness of this issue, I suggested that sharing articles that reference what will happen if no action is taken would also be beneficial to the audience as they will be able to empathise for the situation and I recommended a link that may help him discover them. 

I also suggested to grow his public utility by joining another platform called ‘Reddit’. This is to ensure that he is able to be more engaged with his audience and discuss them at a more personal level. 

  1. Bella Creswick – Fortune Feed

Bella’s concept is to explore the future of food and predicting the way we will eat in 10 years’ time. This idea will be investigated by creating three YouTube video essays and an Instagram sharing recipes inspired by her research. 

Something that is a large factor for future foods is the way they will be produced, I recommended talking about this and provided her with two links; one exploring technology and the other discussing the environmental factors. I thought these topics should be spoken about as they are very much spoken about in the world today due to many people being scared for the future of human jobs in the food industry. 

I also recommended that she creates a TikTok account to share her recipes as it will allow her to reach an audience that isn’t already following her (Instagram followers). This will help her build her account and make the issue more known. 

  1. Amy Dunn – Where will we be in 2070?

Amy’s digital artefact is a three-part series of video essays that will explore the future of living in Australia in the next 50 years as a result to climate change. She will be discussing three main topics: geographical location, housing and technology.

I was a little unclear as to where the videos were to be posted so I suggested YouTube and then I also thought another platform will help her to participate with her viewers’ discussions. This is why I recommended that she creates a Reddit account and join a subreddit group call ‘climate change’.

Along with that feedback, I also suggested a link to couple films (familiar to the lecture suggested film) that she can watch and reference in terms of predicted environmental conditions for the future. I also linked a more in-depth article exploring the changes that may occur in Australia specifically. 


I believe that my comments are helpful feedback, that these students may use to enhance the quality of their digital artefacts. I have linked multiple example academic/article sources that will help them to do their research. I could have definitely included more, as there are never enough helpful sources. 

I also focussed heavily on perfecting their method by recommending other useful platforms they could use including Reddit and TikTok. I could have also discussed how this benefits their targeted audience due to their ages. 

I wasn’t originally supposed to comment on Amy’s pitch, however my third student has not posted her blog link so I just chose someone else.

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