‘Minimal’ Animation Design Analysis and Reflection

This motion design task was not only a creative way to express myself but it also taught me a large number of technical methods on Adobe After Effects. This was accomplished through ‘Design Thinking‘, alongside learning the motion design fundamentals (primary, secondary and temporal) including staging, secondary action, timing and anticipation, as well as graphic design elements including scale, rotation and cropping.

The overall outcome of this task was very successful as I created an abstract animated artwork piece that was exactly as I envisioned in my head. My goal was to create a minimal, earthy toned and simplistic animation that captivated the audiences attention without being an overwhelming, busy piece of art. This was achieved as I used simple abstract objects and implemented the techniques to make the animations core focus its movements.

Personally, the most successful part of this task was the ability for me to completely learn how to use this Adobe software which I had never used before. I spent a countless number of hours on ‘Linked in Learning‘ watching and following tutorials to help me advance my knowledge and skills.

A very important moment for my design concept was discovered early in my process as I was reseraching different design colour schemes and aesthetics, and found an image that grabbed my attention immediately. This was when I decided I wanted to create a simple and minimalistic animation, creating a calm experience for the viewer.

Experimentation was very important to me when I began to use After effects as it allowed me to get comfortable with the provided tools and to get creative after learning the basic techniques. The image below displays my experimental animation that demonstrates simple circles and how I implemented their positions, opacity and scale. This was a critical moment personally as it ensured me that I wanted to use the colour changing technique in my final project as it was visually appealing to the eye. However, I found that the circles weren’t flowing as smooth as I wanted them to and decided not to include them in the final project.

(Experimental project)

Another critical moment/design decision was when I was creating the final A3 poster. I initially did not have the two circles in the background, however, i decided to add them after properly analysing my final animation and it seemed as though there was too much blank space. In order to fill the background without completely drawing all the attention to the circles, I coloured them to be the same as the background, tampering the shade to be slightly darker.

Overall, this was a successful and very enjoyable project that I learnt so much from. I discovered that more isn’t always better, as simple techniques can portray such impactful meanings as well. In order to advance my skills, I may create more simple projects that can help me improve including logo animations, and I am aiming to improve my morphing skills (turning a shape into a different shape).


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