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Project Beta- Makeupby.caitt

For my digital artefact I created an Instagram account called ‘makeupby.caitt’ and a TikTok called ‘caitlynperrine4’. My targeted audience were people of any ages who needed help and inspiration to do their makeup. I firstly decided to use the platform Instagram, however I also thought TikTok would help me become more noticed because it isContinue reading “Project Beta- Makeupby.caitt”

Framing, Framing, Framing

Hey everyone, im excited about today’s topic because it’s something that I never really thought about and find it super interesting. Enjoy! A simple definition that helped me to understand this concept is that frames are sets of patterns of relationships between elements of reality such as objects, feelings, entities, or any other phenomena. ToContinue reading “Framing, Framing, Framing”

Distributed Media and Meme Warfare

Hey guys, welcome to my blog about distributed media and meme warfare.  There are three different types of media networks (centralized, decentralized and distributed) and today I will discuss distributed media. Distributed media is when there is no centre source, meaning that the network can both scale up easily and maintain low coordination costs. Axel Bruns (2007) states that “artefactsContinue reading “Distributed Media and Meme Warfare”

My understanding of the Internet Paradigm I:

THE INTERNET IS A COPY MACHINE! As Marshall McLuhan (1964) states, “the personal and social consequences of any medium- this is, of any extension of ourselves- results from the new scale that is introduced into our affairs by each extension of ourselves, or by any new technology.”. This reminds me that the new technology thatContinue reading “My understanding of the Internet Paradigm I:”

The Medium is the Message: Digital Production and the Network Economy

The lecture this week was very interesting as it explored the different paradigms in this world including, non-industrial, industrial, and internet paradigms. To me, I see that these different paradigms show how the world has evolved through the “message” being the medium. These paradigms are the worlds “super-distribution systems” and is the ways in which our economyContinue reading “The Medium is the Message: Digital Production and the Network Economy”


At the beginning of this class (bcm212), I was interested in researching how much time students spend at university and if it is hard for them to clear their mind of the constant work that is needing to be completed.  However, I decided to change my topic to the effects of travelling for university studentsContinue reading “RESEARCH PROPOSAL: DOES FAR DISTANCE TRAVELLING AFFECT YOUR STUDY EXPERIENCE?”

The medium is the message!

So, Marshall McLuhan… You have stunned us all and have helped us to understand media. Most of us presumed that the “medium” refers to the mass-media communications and that the “message” is the content or information, but this is where we should rethink it. Marshall McLuhan states that the message is “the change of aContinue reading “The medium is the message!”

Project Pitch – Makeupby.caitt

As a teenage girl that has been watching makeup artists for many years, I took this as an opportunity to continue my passion for makeup by continuing my makeup account on Instagram as well as my TikTok account. There are many struggles that makeup lovers surpass, including the inability to ask questions when watching aContinue reading “Project Pitch – Makeupby.caitt”

Ideas for Digital Artefact

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog! Within the last couple of weeks I have started to think of ideas for my digital artefact that I would enjoy creating for my class BCM112. When thinking about these ideas, I discovered that I want it to be fundamentally about makeup as it is a very large passionContinue reading “Ideas for Digital Artefact”