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Digital Artefact: Girls Chat Space

For my digital artefact in previous subjects I created a makeup Instagram page called makeupby.caitt. This is the platform I used to share the makeup looks I created to those who use Instagram. I made this account to inspire others who love makeup and to have a space where I can collectively keep all of my creative content. However, for my digital artefact for this subject, I wanted it to be substantially more helpful and beneficial for my viewers.

Based on my research from my followers of my Instagram page, I decided to create a blog site called Girls Chat Space, which is linked to my instgram account in order to attract the same audience over both platforms. This site is more beneficial to those who are interested in learning more factual information and guidelines. This is more helpful than just the Instagram page because my viewers are able to access more in-depth information and tips and tricks other than only images. I made this site using WordPress, a very popular free content management system that allows you to build your own website with any design aesthetics you like. 

Within this site, I explore trendy fashion and beauty concepts that I know my viewers will like. I also use the platform Reddit to ask fellow makeup lovers what they would like me to talk about including their favourite makeup products and trendy fashion aesthetics.

The aim of this digital artefact is to demolish the stigma of makeup being a method for self-conscious people to hide under and to build positivity towards beauty and makeup and allow for my viewers to feel confident and empowered. 

A very important step I had discovered in order to develop a successful digital artefact, was to research what topics are the most liked by this beauty community. The internet is connected to everything, making it so much easier to discover and link topics that are best suited to me. This includes makeup looks inspired by technology and futuristic illustrations. 

Another method I noticed was very beneficial for the overall amount of engagement to my digital artefact was feedback loops. Feedback loops definitely helped me improve my digital artefact as it made me target the topics that my viewers prefer to read about. I established this by posting on my Instagram story polls of what topics they find more interesting. This resulted in my blog posts receiving a much larger number of likes compared to previous blogs. 

The Instagram side of my digital artefact also received a couple requests for getting their makeup done. These clients also wanted to see previous work I have done on others, to ensure they will like the final makeup look they are paying for. This is why I decided to create a highlight on my page to display my clients. This demonstrates my techniques and what my work looks like on other faces, skin colours and facial features. 


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