The Internet of Things

What is the internet of things? The internet of things is a new multi-reality that leads to so many interesting capabilities. This involves physical objects having the ability to act, react or display something that allows humans to interact with it. This may include smart phones, Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, smart refrigerators etc.  These changesContinue reading “The Internet of Things”

Project Beta – Girls Chat Space

My digital artefact was originally going to be a continuation of my makeup Instagram page called makeupby.caitt, however I decided I wanted it to be more beneficial and helpful for my viewers. This is why I decided to create a website called Girls Chat Space, a blog site made to inform other girls of helpfulContinue reading “Project Beta – Girls Chat Space”

How Meme Warfare is Disconnecting the World

Isn’t it funny how memes are seen as a silly joke that people see online and laugh about, but in reality, it is the smartest way to share and weaponize information. As Richard Dawkins states, “memes propagate themselves in the meme pool by leaping from brain to brain via a process which in the broad sense canContinue reading “How Meme Warfare is Disconnecting the World”

What it’s like living in the information stack

The FAANG walled garden is Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google. These are services that allow you to use their service, while they control the content you see and use your data to do so.  It is always scary to be reminded that all these free apps that we download have cloud server farms whereContinue reading “What it’s like living in the information stack”

The Attention Economy in this Information-based Society

In a world so large and in charge, it only makes sense that the ways in which people are educated revolves around the human attention span and how products attract that attention. This world that we live in has definitely evolved to be an information-based society which is full of an abundance of content.  This is definitelyContinue reading “The Attention Economy in this Information-based Society”

The New Economy – This is why eBay is so successful

Hey there, welcome back to my blog! Today’s topic is so interesting to me as it is something I am super familiar with and I’m sure you are too.  Within this new economy there are always continuous changes that are occurring and in order to be successful it needs to continuously deal with the adversityContinue reading “The New Economy – This is why eBay is so successful”

The Network Paradigm

The specific domain in which we choose to communicate is through the network paradigm which started out to be centralized where people initially received their information from a mainframe. This then evolved to distributed and decentralized control.  The most intriguing to me personally is distributed media. Distributed media is when there is no centre source,Continue reading “The Network Paradigm”

Communication Allows for So Much Opportunity

In this day and age, communication is something that is definitely a necessity. As someone who is part of the beauty community and has created a blog site sharing and discussing information on all thing beauty and fashion, it intrigues me that this definitely would not be possible if it wasn’t for the invention ofContinue reading “Communication Allows for So Much Opportunity”

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