Communication Allows for So Much Opportunity

In this day and age, communication is something that is definitely a necessity.

As someone who is part of the beauty community and has created a blog site sharing and discussing information on all thing beauty and fashion, it intrigues me that this definitely would not be possible if it wasn’t for the invention of electronic communication. It was until the mid 19th century that communication had to be carried to be delivered and it wasn’t until 1876 that the telephone was invented. Then of course after this, the progression was phenomenal, in 1895 there was radio, 1923 there was television, 1969 the birth of the internet and in 1991 the world wide web. As these developments occurred, there has been a large number of opportunities for people to share information and get into contact with people in a very quick and efficient way. 

Here is a simple timeline of these developments that I created to help you grasp a clear understanding of when these inventions occurred:

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