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Project Beta – Girls Chat Space

My digital artefact was originally going to be a continuation of my makeup Instagram page called makeupby.caitt, however I decided I wanted it to be more beneficial and helpful for my viewers. This is why I decided to create a website called Girls Chat Space, a blog site made to inform other girls of helpful beauty and fashion tips as well as share any advice revolving around confidence and mental health. 

When I initially made this website, I used a pre-set aesthetic that didn’t really attract my audience, leaving my first blog post with only five likes and no followers. After researching other aesthetic and successful beauty websites, I gained inspiration and changed the design of my website leading me to followers and likes. 

I also discovered while in the process of creating this blog site, that asking Reddit what they prefer to read about was majorly beneficial in ensuring that my audience are enjoying the content provided. I realised this as I compared my first blog concept with the one that Reddit provided and it had substantial growth. 

Feedback loops also prove to heavily benefit my blogsite as I personally direct messaged a continuous supporter asking them what content they would prefer to see and they gave me a reasonable explanation on what content to provide and what not to, from an outsider’s perspective. 

As proven, while in the process of developing this website there were many iterations that had to be made in terms of aesthetics as well as content, in order to benefit my viewers at its full potential. 

Published by Caitlyn Perrine

Hi! I’m Caitlyn Du Buisson Perrine

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