In todays lecture, I was very surprised as it was brought to my attention how long hacking has been around for. It was in the early 1840’s when Marian Rejewski a polish mathematician hacked the first iteration of the enigma.

Marian Rejewski

It is scary to know that your personal computers that hold all of your information are vulnerable to the chance of being hacked. This is due to threats that computer hackers and online predators pose.  These include phishing scams, spam email or instant messages and bogus websites to deliver dangerous malware to your computer and compromise your computer security.

This is why it is always important to protect your computer. This includes having a 2-way firewall, to update your operating system regularly, Increase your browser security settings, and only download software from sites you trust.


Kasparek, C and Woytak, R, 1982, ‘In Memoriam Marian Rejewski’, Cryptologia, vol. 6, pp. 19-25.


Webroot.com, 2020, ‘The Dangers Of Hacking And What A Hacker’, viewed 19 October 2020,


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7 thoughts on “Hackers

  1. Hey Caitlyn! Nice blog post 🙂
    It’s crazy to think that hacking has been around since the the 1980’s and is something that is becoming increasingly easy to do. I love how you have touched on the importance of protecting your information and how to do that! In my blog post i’ve spoken about ethical hacking as it’s not something people really talk about, so I thought it was worth exploring. Here is a link to some more information on ethical hacking if you would like to check it out https://www.greycampus.com/opencampus/ethical-hacking/what-is-ethical-hacking 🙂

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  2. Amazing blog post! I liked how you explained hacking in more depth as I only had a really vague idea of what it was. We both took a personal approach to our blog posts by relating hacking to our own devices. I went into some examples of hacking scandals in the past and you went into more detail of the history and different forms of hacking. Keep up the great work 🙂

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  3. Hey Caitlyn, Great blog. I liked how you took this approach and incorporated it into history. I definitely learnt something new. The more I read up on stuff like this the more I get scared. Stickers over all my cameras and what not. Thanks for the useful information on how to avoid it as well that was handy! Keep up the good work!

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  4. G’day Caitlyn, another insightful post, one small thing I think when you said 1980’s in reference to the first decoding of the enigma code, I think you mean the 1940s, Marian Rejewski died in 1980. just hope you catch this before Sunday 1st. I agree it is so important to protect your data at all time including 2FA and so forth. In my post I focus on the Swatting and DDOS attacks in the twitch community in relation to swarm networks, here is a post in relation to that https://www.sapphirenation.net/swatting-and-ddos-attacks-more-needs-to-be-done-to-protect-game-streamers

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  5. Hi Caitlyn! Really liked your blog post for this week, it’s crazy to think about how long hacking has been around and just how much information people can access so easily. I really liked your approach on not only explaining but giving practical solutions for this issue! I also looked at similar things and ethical issues in my own, I think you would find this article quite interesting! https://faculty.nps.edu/dedennin/publications/ActivismHacktivismCyberterrorism-NetworksAndNetwars.pdf

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  6. Hey, Caitlyn great job on this blog post! It’s really cool to see how you presented your information, it was really easy to understand and also allowed me to gain new perspectives on this topic. Great job on providing detail and providing the forms which hacking can be presented through, it is definitely good to be aware of these types of things in todays society, being that our lives revolve around technology. After reading about how you mentioned Marian Rejewski, it made me want to look into his work a bit more. Here is an interesting read which I had come across; it discusses many different facts about Marian Rejewski, It was really interesting to read because it gave a deeper insight into the life of Marian Rejewski. https://polandin.com/46641800/marian-rejewski-codebreaker-who-cracked-enigma

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