Project Beta- Makeupby.caitt

For my digital artefact I created an Instagram account called ‘makeupby.caitt’ and a TikTok called ‘caitlynperrine4’. My targeted audience were people of any ages who needed help and inspiration to do their makeup. I firstly decided to use the platform Instagram, however I also thought TikTok would help me become more noticed because it isContinue reading “Project Beta- Makeupby.caitt”

Project Pitch – Makeupby.caitt

As a teenage girl that has been watching makeup artists for many years, I took this as an opportunity to continue my passion for makeup by continuing my makeup account on Instagram as well as my TikTok account. There are many struggles that makeup lovers surpass, including the inability to ask questions when watching aContinue reading “Project Pitch – Makeupby.caitt”

Ideas for Digital Artefact

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog! Within the last couple of weeks I have started to think of ideas for my digital artefact that I would enjoy creating for my class BCM112. When thinking about these ideas, I discovered that I want it to be fundamentally about makeup as it is a very large passionContinue reading “Ideas for Digital Artefact”

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