Ideas for Digital Artefact

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog!

Within the last couple of weeks I have started to think of ideas for my digital artefact that I would enjoy creating for my class BCM112. When thinking about these ideas, I discovered that I want it to be fundamentally about makeup as it is a very large passion of mine. This will help me in future preferences to find clients in order to earn money from this project.

List of ideas:

  1. Makeup Instagram page: Providing different creative looks through pictures and pictorials.
  2. Makeup Facebook account: Providing client makeup looks (for a more professional platform).
  3. Makeup TikTok account: Displaying videos of how I create makeup looks.
  4. Makeup YouTube channel: Videos that show a tutorial on how to create the makeup looks.
  5. Lifestyle Instagram account: Pictures capturing the day-to-day things a teenage girl does.
  6. Lifestyle YouTube channel: Vlogs to show what I do on an average day.
Image result for lankscape makeup image
Image from ‘In-cosmetics’

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