Project Beta- Makeupby.caitt

For my digital artefact I created an Instagram account called ‘makeupby.caitt’ and a TikTok called ‘caitlynperrine4’. My targeted audience were people of any ages who needed help and inspiration to do their makeup. I firstly decided to use the platform Instagram, however I also thought TikTok would help me become more noticed because it is currently a very popular app.

When starting my digital artefact, I had to go through many processes in order to discover what the best way to become discovered was and to gain loyal followers. TikTok was an app that I was new to so I had a lot to learn. I posted my first video transforming into myself with makeup on to see if it would gain attraction, however it was minimal. To fix this I discovered that using the hashtags “#fyp” and “#foryoupage” and by posting trending makeup videos was very helpful and increased by views by hundreds and even thousands. This made me realise that I needed to make current trending makeup videos and use trending sounds.

As for my Instagram makeup page, my 320 followers either unfollowed me or disengaged with my content due to a lack of consistency. In order to prove to my audience that I am active and posting consistently again I started liking and commenting on their posts, resulting in over 400 profile visits. This made me realise that the more I engage with my followers, the more engagement I receive. I also found that collaborating with other makeup artists helped my account grow as their followers would find my account. 

These iterations have helped my account grow as I now have 391 followers which is 71 more than what I had when starting this project. I am also planning on doing other people’s makeup when the pandemic is over, for a cheap price in order to make this a career.

Published by Caitlyn Perrine

Hi! I’m Caitlyn Du Buisson Perrine

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