Project Pitch – Makeupby.caitt

As a teenage girl that has been watching makeup artists for many years, I took this as an opportunity to continue my passion for makeup by continuing my makeup account on Instagram as well as my TikTok account. There are many struggles that makeup lovers surpass, including the inability to ask questions when watching a makeup tutorial online. This is why I have chosen to create these accounts as it allows me to help people by replying to comments and creating polls once a week. This is a fast, inexpensive, simple and tiny process as i will be using my Iphone to capture these pictures and short videos, and will be using my current makeup products. This will help makeup lovers that struggle following online tutorials as I have the ability to produce videos and images that they can recreate and comment any of their questions and concerns.  

Instagram: makeupby.caitt

TikTok: caitlynperrine4

Published by Caitlyn Perrine

Hi! I’m Caitlyn Du Buisson Perrine

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