The medium is the message!

So, Marshall McLuhan… You have stunned us all and have helped us to understand media. Most of us presumed that the “medium” refers to the mass-media communications and that the “message” is the content or information, but this is where we should rethink it. Marshall McLuhan states that the message is “the change of a scale, pace or pattern” that an innovation “introduces into human affairs”. This means that it is not the innovation but the change in dynamics that is brought with it. 

Does this mean that in a way, we are the medium?? If the medium is “any extension of ourselves” then the ways in which we react is the result of the message. So, from what I have learnt from Mr McLuhan, anything and everything is the medium if a change occurs!


Brier, N (2013) ‘Scale, Pace & Pattern’. Percolate.

McLuhan, M (1964) ‘The Medium is the Message’. Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man. Chapter 1, pp 1-18.

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