My understanding of the Internet Paradigm I:


As Marshall McLuhan (1964) states, “the personal and social consequences of any medium- this is, of any extension of ourselves- results from the new scale that is introduced into our affairs by each extension of ourselves, or by any new technology.”. This reminds me that the new technology that is being brought into our lives, enhances the dramatic shift from analog to digital content across many platforms. This caused an emergence of many new concepts including aesthetics such as remix, glitch, mess, kawaii etc. 

The two types of media are broadcast media (monologic media) and Dialogic media. Broadcast media is when there is a gatekeeper and a great example that helps me to understand this is a family watching television. The television is the gatekeeper and the family are sitting there physically together, but not mentally together conversing. 

As for dialogic media, there is no gatekeeper and each individual in the network can broadcast to their entire network. For example, drone videoing the Istanbul protest and posting it online for everyone to discuss. 


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