The Medium is the Message: Digital Production and the Network Economy

The lecture this week was very interesting as it explored the different paradigms in this world including, non-industrial, industrial, and internet paradigms. To me, I see that these different paradigms show how the world has evolved through the “message” being the medium.

These paradigms are the worlds “super-distribution systems” and is the ways in which our economy grows. For example, the internet paradigm is this centuries way of anyone and everyone communicating to each other in a way that is personalised and interpreted in our own perspective using internet aesthetics including glitch, remix, kawaii etc.

The non-industrial paradigm is however, demonstrated through craftsman’s and is using Shannon and Weavers model of communication, exploring how the medium produces the message to the public who consume the media in a one-way process. 

As for the industrial paradigm, there is no craft and there are sharp boundaries between “conception and production” as it follows the arrangement of an assembly line. This is when different stages are completed and there is no say on the overall outcome. 

This proves to me that digital production and the network economy have evolved through time and is a perfect example of HOW “the medium is the message” in this world. 


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5 thoughts on “The Medium is the Message: Digital Production and the Network Economy

  1. Love what you said about the ‘sharp boundaries between conception and production’, makes me think about how even though we are in the generation of Emergent media, when it comes to corporations becoming involved they are still very stuck on industrialisation and this notion of perfectionism and the idea of having perfect conceptions and perfect commodifiable products. Look forward to reading more about your interpretations!

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  2. Hey Caitlyn!! I find your blog post really good and super easy to understand as you have continuously linked to “Medium is the message” and how each paradigm as an example of a communication model. I also like your link to your glitch and how you incorporate it into personalised communications! I think we have a some-what similar idea to the paradigms in the world. This blog is super good, super clear to understand and learn from! xoxo


  3. It really makes sense after the lecture that the non-industry workers are actually the true craftsmen because in industries they have to follow rules and a certain criteria. Good post though, its a very relevant topic and shows the progress we’ve made as humans.

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