At the beginning of this class (bcm212), I was interested in researching how much time students spend at university and if it is hard for them to clear their mind of the constant work that is needing to be completed. 

However, I decided to change my topic to the effects of travelling for university students as it is something that I can relate to. 

With this idea in mind, I designed a mind map to collectively distribute my questions for this topic.

  1. How many people travel to university?
  2. How long does it take for you to travel to university?
  3. How do you get to university? Train, bus, car? Etc
  4. Have you gained an injury due to travelling? E.g. back pain?
  5. Does travelling effect the amount of time you have to study?
  6. Does travelling emotionally and physically drain you?
  7. Does travelling help or worsen your financial situation? 
  8. Does travelling effect your activity level?

As a university student that travels almost an hour to get to campus, I thought that it would be interesting to research whether it affects the study experience of students at university. Within the year and a half of travelling to university it has come to my attention that there are many issues that I face. According to an article named ‘Travel Mode and Physical Activity at Sydney University’, there are many students and staff that also face these issues. One of those issues being the impact that it has on students’ physical activity level (Rissel, Mulley and Ding, 2013). It was also shown in the Rawal Medical Journal ‘Daily travelling and low back pain in university students’ that travelling, whether it be by public transport or driving, has caused students to suffer with back pain due to constantly sitting in an uncomfortable position (Ghazal, Malik, Sultana and Minhas, 2014). 

Through further research to understand this topic, I found that for students that travel to university by driving, they spend up to $250 a week on fuel, restricting the time they spend socializing and restricting their daily spending’s (Fox and Hake, 1977). This is further tested in the Journal of Applied Behaviour Analysis called ‘Gasoline Conservation: A Procedure for Measuring and Reducing the Driving of College Students’. This financial strain on students causes them to travel via public transport, creating a negative student experience and an increase in electronic delivery of lectures and attendance (Green, Morris and Wade, 2012).

In order to gain information for this task, I will be researching many different articles online, conducting my own polls on twitter and will provide a survey for students to fill out. The aim of this task is to compile a large amount of information to prove that there is an issue in need of exploring. This project is justly as it explores the issues that occur to students that travel to university and will provide results in which can resolve and create a methodology to fix these problems. This task is relevant to those that need to travel as it is something that they struggle with on a day to day basis. In order to find the students that relate to this, I conducted a poll on twitter to help me find my audience. 

Overall, this task is achievable as there is a large selection of students and staff that struggle with these issues when travelling to university.

Thanks, Caitlyn.


Foxx, R. M. and Hake, D. F. 1977. ‘Gasoline Conservation: A Procedure for Measuring and Reducing the Driving of College Students’. Journal of Applied Behaviour Analysis, vol. 10, issue 1.

Ghazal, J., Malik, A., Sultana, B. and Minhas, A., 2014. ‘Daily Travelling and Low Back Pain in University Students’. Rawal Medical Journal, vol. 39. No. 1, pp. 25-27.

Green, G., Morris, J. and Wade, M. 2012. ‘Health, Sustainability and Student Travel’ Nurse Education in Practice, vol. 12, issue 1, pp. 41-15.

Rissel, C., Mulley, C. and Ding, D., 2013. ‘Travel Mode and Physical Activity at Sydney University’. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 10(8), pp. 3563-3577.

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