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All Things Beauty: Girls Chat Space

Beauty is something that is constantly evolving and has been such an impactful aspect to so many individuals lives. The future of beauty involves not only make-up but also cosmetic procedures, beauty standards and fashion. The future of beauty is essential to learn about as an individual purchasing beauty products, as a cosmetic company or even as a movie producer. Being prepared for the beauty industries rapid evolution is always important. 

Digital Artefact Pitch

My digital artefact will explore many topics discussing how beauty may change in the next 5, 10, 20 or 50 years and will explain how it will affect not only us as ordinary people, but also beauty companies and movie producers. In order to do this, I will post a minimum of 4 blog posts to my blog site called ‘Girls Chat Space’, and discuss a range of different topics that relate to how beauty may change. I don’t exactly have a perfect timeline of when I will post, however, throughout this semester I plan to have a minimum of 4 posts, meaning that I will try and post every 2-3 weeks. 


Coleman, R & Moreno Figueroa, M (2010) “Past and Future Perfect? Beauty, Affect and Hope”, Journal for Cultural Research, 14:4, pp. 357-373

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Published by Caitlyn Perrine

Hi! I’m Caitlyn Du Buisson Perrine

9 thoughts on “All Things Beauty: Girls Chat Space

  1. Hi Caitlyn! I found your pitch really engaging as the topic you have chosen to focus on is quite interesting and I love the format of a blog series that you have decided on! With your chosen format it will be good to touch on different elements of the subject within each blog post. All the topics which you have said you will be discussing are super relevant and important to today’s society and the way we will live everyday in the future. However, I think it may be more beneficial for you to narrow your scope and focus on a single aspect of the beauty industry and how it will evolve and affect us in the short, medium and long term. This will be far more manageable for you rather than discussing the implications of 4 areas in 3 terms of futures.

    In terms of things such as digital perfume and makeup moving more into automation and technology, it could also be interesting to explore if this is wanted or not, how beauty influencers and everyday people feel about the changes that are coming in this area of their lives. Do people like the convenience or are they apprehensive about technology taking over?

    I also think it is really good how you are using similar beauty blogs as a reference and background research, this can give you so much insight! Perhaps a thing for later on in your research would be to look at more academic sources, and don’t limit yourself to only written texts! As the beauty community is possibly largest on Youtube I would recommend exploring your topics there as well. Podcasts are another great recourse, here is an episode of a podcast I found which looks at the beauty industries in the medium to long term, in relevance to cultural shifts, neuromarketing, biotechnology and artificial intelligence.

    Overall I really love your ideas and I’m so keen to see where your digital artefact goes! xx

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  2. Hi Caitlyn! I think this is a great focus for your DA, and I haven’t seen anything like it yet. Especially because this is a topic you are already passionate about so this sort of research would be beneficial for your own future ambitions. I would recommend you check out r/futurology on Reddit particularly this post ( ) as I think it could tie in well with the future of beauty procedures and beauty standards. As genes have been identified that determine a person’s face profile, which could see the future of altering humans’ genes to create the best looking version, in order to meet beauty standards.

    I think some of the discussions from week 2 would complement this topic. You could look at Darko Suvin ( ), specifically what he calls “parabolic indirection” based on the notion that the future can be used to present distortions in the present time. This might be an interesting angle to reflect on the present in order to explain your future predictions. Such as looking at the future of altering people’s genes, based on current beauty standard like strong jaws, big lips, button noses, etc.

    It’s good that you are open to doing 3 or 4 videos and not too locked in with a certain amount. It might be helpful to create a little semester schedule so that you know if you haven’t done a certain amount of work but a certain time then you will not go through with the fourth video. This may help you plan out where you focus your time.

    I’m really interested to see more from your DA especially because I was able to get a really good sense of what you plan to discuss and the different research you will be able to conduct. I will be tuning into your videos!

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  3. Hey Caitlyn, this is a really interesting concept and a great pitch! I really like the idea of looking at the different standards if beauty throughout the years! I found a really interesting link that looks at what was deemed an attractive body type by each generation. The page also touches on how makeup and cosmetics has changed throughout the years which is super interesting! This site and your study also relates back to how Chris spoke about how our visions of the future are often nostalgic of the past – we use our ideas of the past to shape our understanding of the future, for example steampunk. Check out the article here!

    In your pitch, you state that you plan on looking at the future of beauty in 5, 10, 20 and 50 year’s time, however, this might be too broad. I think it’d be better if you picked one specific time and studied that, otherwise you might find you have too much to do. Awesome job with the pitch, can’t wait to see what you do with it!

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  4. This is a really good pitch, I like how you’ve used examples of similar sites & articles as I’m not super in to beauty so it gave me a good reference point to what your DA is about. I also think it’s good that you’ve moulded the assessment to fit your existing work as this will provide you with an existing audience to gain feedback from.

    One method of thinking about the future that I recommend exploring is the element of nostalgia and how it will impact the future of beauty as a lot of trends from the 90’s have recently made a comeback. This article by bustle would be a really good reference point Another element I suggest looking at as I think it is super important is how inclusivity has changed beauty (e.g. Fenty changed the industry with it’s shade range in 2017). As well what aspects of beauty aren’t as inclusive as they should and how those areas becoming more inclusive will help shape the industry in the future. This article talks about which areas of beauty are lacing diversity and why it’s important that they change

    One suggestion I have is narrowing your focus to either the short, medium or long term or examining on one element of beauty such as makeup in the short medium of long term as this will be far easier to manage and allow you to go in to more depth.

    Overall this is a very solid pitch and I look forward to seeing what you end up producing.


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