Makeup is my Niche

Hey there, my name is Caitlyn and I am currently in the subject bcm241 (Media Ethnographics). I was excited about today’s blog post as I was asked to explore a media niche that sparks my interest and that I want to learn more about. It’s quite easy for me… Makeup. 

I have been watching makeup videos and playing with makeup since I was as young as 12, it was originally a way for me to have fun, however, it grew into something that boosted my confidence and empowered the way that I felt. I design and create very intricate and detailed makeup looks to express myself as well as inspire other makeup lovers. It was in 2018 when I finally decided to create a makeup Instagram page that I use to explore my creative desires and share the looks that I develop. The presence that this has outside of Instagram is very positive as it gives those who like makeup a way to express themselves in their everyday lives. It boosts the confidence of people and makes them feel good about themselves which is very important for their mental health. 

ASITE - Mental health is just as important as physical... | Facebook
Asite, 2019

I engage with my audience through mostly images and occasionally videos to show specific daily makeup looks or recently purchased products. This account has features for the audience to call, email, comment and direct message me if they have any questions or specific requests. I personally answer every single enquiry from my audience and occasionally have polls on my Instagram story which allows my followers to have a choice in what they see. There are also opportunities for anyone who has quick questions which they can ask if I decide to start a live. The target audience for this account or niche in general are those who love makeup, those who want to express themselves and those who want to gain confidence and creative skills. However, there is also so much about my target audience that I don’t know and this is why an ethnographic investigation would be helpful. I am thinking of creating an additional blog site where I share all things beauty, fashion and advice, and in order to cater for all viewers, I need to completely grasp an understating on who my audience is and what they want to achieve or learn. As Hannabuss said “Ethnographic research allows us to regard and represent the actors as creators as well as executants of their own meanings. The very way in which they tell us about what they do tells the researcher a great deal about what is meaningful for and in the research. It adds richness and texture to the experience of conducting research”. 

An ethnographic investigation will help me to improve and enhance a deeper understanding of this niche as it will allow me to grasp a more thorough idea of the people who enjoy makeup and their beliefs and reasonings. I will have the ability to grasp a clearer description of the people who use makeup, why they decide to wear makeup and any particular habits or cultural differences they have. This enables me to be more specific when creating different makeup looks and having the ability to cater to everyone on my blog. This allows for inclusivity for everyone no matter their age, skin colour, religion or nationality and an overall larger scale of interest in clients if I decide to pursue this as a career. 


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