Contextual Essay

My digital artefact is a makeup Instagram account and a TikTok account. I wanted to create the Instagram account as I was inspired by other makeup accounts to give others who love makeup creative images that they can re-create and gain inspiration from. I then decided to create a TikTok account to show my audience how I created these makeup looks and the transition of me without makeup on to with makeup on. These accounts send a positive message to my audience to show their creative side which is explored through “any extension of ourselves”. Based on my research from my followers, I decided to post more content on my Instagram story to be more engaging for the days where I can’t post a photo.

I thought this would be useful for my audience (makeup lovers) as they can be more engaged with the content I produce. 

I decided that I would develop this project by initially making the accounts and by posting videos and images that relate to makeup. I then posted on my Instagram story to see what type of content my audience would like to see and this gave me an idea of what makeup looks they prefer. These makeup looks where creative looks that I post once a week if not more. 

When first creating my Instagram and TikTok account I realised that I needed to fail early and fail often (#fefo) in order to become successful.

First, I made my Instagram account one hundred percent inspired by other popular makeup accounts to share my makeup as a hobby and to inspire others who also love makeup. I wasn’t satisfied with the aesthetic of my account so I decided to ask a successful makeup account to discover their tricks and tips to becoming satisfied and successful.

I followed the advice from this account and It was proving to become useful. After continuously using her advice and using hashtags etc. the number of followers I gained started to increase by double. I now have 447 followers compared to 200 when I first started. 

As for my TikTok account, I was creating videos using any song and filming the process of my makeup. However, I then discovered that using popular songs and doing popular makeup challenges gained the most views and likes. I also discovered that using hashtags like #foryoupage and #fyp helped to gain views. This resulted in my account gaining 118 followers. 

Both of these realisations helped my account grow drastically and the constant content being produced allows my viewers to always have content to look forward to. This is beneficial as it allows the viewers to stay engaged with both my Instagram account and TikTok account allowing them to always feel inspired. These accounts are the “message” as they are showing my audience new and exciting makeup looks. This allows them to feel creative and express themselves through their makeup. This proves ‘the lipstick effect’ which leaves a positive impact on not only the way they look but the way they feel. 


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Hi! I’m Caitlyn Du Buisson Perrine

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