Professional Values of Work – BCM313 Reflection


Narrative Interview with Michael Du Buisson Perrine

At the University of Wollongong, I am currently undertaking a subject called ‘The Future of Work’. This subject has, by far, been one of my favourite classes to take as I have learnt so much about the importance of work, and most importantly about myself. Within this subject we explore values in the workplace and narrative practices, which is highlighted through the use of storytelling in interviews. 

Fortunately for me, I had the privilege of interviewing Michael Du Buisson Perrine, the CEO and creator of SolidAsRock Pty Ltd. This was such an interesting experience for me as he is luckily my father and I learnt so much about him and his values through his personal stories. 

Within this interview, my strategy was to influence a “story time” atmosphere (narrative interview) by asking about previous work experiences he has had, and allowing Michael to “externalise the conversation” (White, 2011). This was a successful approach as we discussed a couple different challenges that he has had to face during his work career and we spoke about how these experiences created his professional work values currently. 

The take-aways that I learnt from this interview was that challenges are “moral moments” that are necessary in order to find what professional values you believe (white, 2011). We unravelled that Michael’s professional values are responsibility, reliability, honesty, being passionate and having a strong work ethic. Through the ‘Absent but Implicit’ concept, Michael had realised that through a previous experience of making a mistake and being offended, hurt and discouraged, that he valued the importance of responsibility and reliability when working with clients.

“You start to realise your professional values as you get more experience”

Something that also definitely stood out to me when interviewing Michael, was that his “club of life” was smaller than he expected and when he was forced to make a decision, he decided to reach out to his family members for help (Carr, 1998). This is something that I also relate to, and I became aware of this during an exercise in a previous tutorial. I believe that many people also feel this way as we are constantly surrounded by people, however, when you think deeply about who is the closest to you, that you genuinely trust and care for, the circle shrinks smaller. 

Overall, this experience was very enjoyable and I thank Michael for allowing me to interview him and share my findings with my peers. This experience has taught me so much about what values I hold for myself, not only in the workplace but also in my life in general. This experience made me realise that the future of work is completely reliable on the people running these companies and the success of these current and future businesses relies on their professional work values. 


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