Fashion in the next 10 years: Functional Fashion??

Fashion is a form of social and cultural expression to present to society how we want to identify ourselves (Davis, 2013).

Today I will be discussing my thoughts and insights on what I imagine the future of fashion will be like in the next 10 years. This will benefit those in the beauty community to know what to expect and how it may benefit them, because trust me, there’s lots to look forward to!

In todays society, fashion is a large part in everyones everyday lifestyles. Although for some, fashion may not be an important asset in their everyday living, it is definitely something that is growing to be more important due to social media and how fashion can lead to jobs.

Something that is a large problem in the fashion industry is fast fashion (Barnes et al, 2006). This is when clothing items are made from cheap, low quality fabrics that last a very short period of time and end up being discarded into waste.

(Leo, 2018)

I believe that fast fashion will not be a problem in 10 years as it has already been a growing challenge from many individuals in this society to improve their way of living, including buying items that are sustainable. This is proven through many large YouTubers experimenting with wardrobe capsules in order to eliminate fast fashion in their lifestyles. Cyber-culture, in particular, cyberspace is such a large platform that individuals can express their desires to better the future which is a successful way to influence others in this society (Bestdressed, 2019).

I personally believe that the future will be filled with fashion that is not only innovative, sleek and stylish, as shown in many futuristic films (The Matrix) but also functional. I definitely think the use of cyborgs is something that will start to develop in 10 years and we will have the ability to change our body parts to whatever we desire. This is something that will be more prominent in the far future but for those who are already missing limbs, I think this is definitely something that will be created and further explored.

Some useful futuristic fashion statements that have already been created include sunglasses that project digital feeds: ‘Google Glass‘. The Google glass is described as “a small, lightweight wearable computer with a transparent display for hands-free work” and was created particularly for employees to stay focused, improve accuracy and to collaborate in “real-time” (Google Glass, 2019). Another futuristic fashion innovation includes ‘Sony’s Smart Wig‘. This is a wig that has a built-in communication system that features a miniature video camera capable of taking photos, with a small speaker and microphone (design boom, 2013).

This is only the beginning of futuristic fashion. Within 10 years there is predicted to be many fashionable items that are also very functional!

Are you excited for what’s to come?


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