Digital Perfume: Should we expect it?

Perfume is something that is so important to all individuals within this society. It has grown to be something that everyone wears on a daily basis as a way to constantly smell good and boost their confidence. It is not only something that is used to smell nice but it is also something that individuals use to identify themselves, as a conversation starter and also to help determines someones attractiveness which is further explored in perfume advertisements (Kartini, 2010).

(Trustreetbala, 2010)

In comparison to the last century, perfume has drastically become more important and wanted from individuals and there is now such a large variety of perfume available for everyone. These variety of scents range from floral scents, sweet scents, masculine scents etc. These perfumes don’t only have the scents as ingredients, there are also many alternative ingredients that are extremely beneficial. This includes essential oils that have therapeutic effects on individuals, whether this includes calmness, relaxation of muscles or endorphins to boost the energy (Barthet, n.d.).

10 years into the future, perfume will definitely still be wanted, as it is always a necessity to smell good and boost your mental health. Just imagine a world where no one wore perfume!! Not only this, but I believe that perfume will be designed to be much more effortless and easy to use.

Considering it is an everyday staple to use perfume, I definitely believe that there will be a faster method that allows an individual to wear perfume daily. This may include the design and manufacturing of clothing to be made with perfume embedded into the yarn, wool or fabric. This is a much faster method for those who live busy lives and prevents the opportunity for those to forget to apply perfume.

This is a much more sustainable method, as bottles will not be needed to provide perfume to their consumers. Perfume companies will not lose their business or purpose as in this case, the consumer would purchase their scented item online or in-store and they could possible choose for the scent to last to its longest potential or to last a couple days/weeks in order to “top-up” their clothing in a different scent.

This is something that is definitely a possibility in the next 10 years and will be a much more beneficial, sustainable and efficient outcome. What are your thoughts on this idea? Do you think there is an even better idea worth considering?


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