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Project Beta – Girls Chat Space

My digital artefact is a joint website and Instagram account where I discuss the future of all things beauty within the next 10 years. This will be achieved by posting 4 content heavy blogs that are accompanied with a graphic design illustration I have created using Adobe Illustrator. This will then be shared onto my instagram account that links the blogsite and will hopefully attract a larger audience.

Within the video provided, I explain how I needed to change my initial concept as it was unsuccessful. This was achieved by taking #FEFO steps to enhance its quality. I took feedback from my fellow classmates and learned to specify my digital artefacts core details while also making it more engaging.

Published by Caitlyn Perrine

Hi! I’m Caitlyn Du Buisson Perrine

6 thoughts on “Project Beta – Girls Chat Space

  1. Hey Caitlyn! I really like your DA idea of the future of beauty. As you mentioned in your beta video, the blog posts you have been doing for the DA are not doing as well as you hoped. I would encourage you to try posting content on a whole new platform as this might be beneficial. I can see that you are already active on Instagram, maybe you could look at and research some of the popular makeup artists or beauty influencers on instagram There would be no doubt that these brands and influencers are following trends or creating new ones of their own. As a result, you are understanding what their followers like as your target audience would be very similar to theirs.

    I would also encourage you to research past beauty trends as this might help you make assumptions on what might happen in the future in the beauty industry. Here is an article that predicts some trends that might become popular in 2021 Linchpin (2021) states “2021 will be the year where the consumers finally see liquid lipsticks and liquid items expected to stay on the skin throughout the day”. However this is not the first time we have seen long lasting makeup products enter the market. As you can see, this is a past trend that has made an appearance again in 2021. Another example would be waterproof mascara, as it has been around for a while and it was created to stay on throughout the day.

    Overall, I think you’re an amazing makeup artist and appreciate the time and effort it must take you to do each makeup look and create content. Keep up the amazing work! Continue refining your target audience and find your niche and the results will be rewarding. Don’t give up posting content and watch your followers and engagement grow!

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  2. Hey Serena! First of all, I just wanted to say that I really like your digital artifact concept and believe that a blog series is the best way to produce it. I like how you discuss your initial pitch and how you have changed it due to feedback from your tutor and your fellow BCM peers. Focussing on specific areas of beauty like you intend on doing with beauty trends is a great idea and will be more engaging to your audience and be more effective in your digital artifact. The use of your beauty Instagram is also a great idea as it will give you first-hand research from friends and family that you can implement into your blogs.

    I feel like you have taken on all the feedback you received in your pitch and have implemented it in your future work which is really impressive. However, I did notice that you don’t have a set specific timeline for the future of beauty trends. You could narrow down a set time in the future which could make for a stronger link and would be more beneficial for your digital artifact. You did touch on how you have linked your digital artifact to weekly content as much and that you ar working on doing this in your last blog post. Linking your blogs around beauty trends to subject content can be difficult but I’m sure you will be able to find some links for your final parts of your digital artifact. You could possibly dive into week 6 content around futurists and see if that can link to your idea. I found this blog on the future of beauty trends in 2030 and believe it would be super helpful to you and it does focus on a set time which could be useful:

    I also found this article that dives into the beauty forecast from 2020-2030 and it discusses several aspects of beauty such as consumer concerts, wellness opportunities, the market of beauty, and more. Definitely worth a read:

    Overall, I think you are on a great path and on your way to producing a creative and engaging digital artifact. You have clearly taken on feedback from your initial pitch and have constructed a strong digital artifact. All the best with the rest of your digital artifact.



  3. Hi Caitlyn,
    Your DA is such a great example of the FEFO principle and demonstrates rapid prototyping which is essential to success on the internet, which is saturated with information. I think moving the platform of your ideas of future beauty trends is a step in the right direction. However, I do worry about your makeup pages’ engagement as the visual effect of makeup looks will now be compromised with links to blog posts, which are very word reliant and not suited for the Instagram platform (which relies on attractive images). Since you are very talented with makeup, have you considered doing “future of beauty” inspired makeup looks, or perhaps bite-sized tutorials on the ‘future of beauty’ inspired makeup techniques? I think this would create far more draw and attention to your project. TikTok would be a great platform for this idea as well because its algorithm will propel your content to an abundance of consumers which will allow your work to gain the most attention and feedback (you may even go viral).

    I think you need to narrow down your target audience a little further because “the beauty community” is very broad. I think this idea is of interest to beauty creators and editorial makeup artists who are trying to use cutting edge makeup techniques before they become mainstream ‘trends’. I think you should look at the beauty content on TikTok because there are several alternative makeup techniques that have gone viral which I think you may like to review.

    I think you may find value in Csicsery-Ronay discussion of future histories in “The Seven Beauties of Science” notes “we can explain the future only by what is most powerful in the present”. By observing these abstract makeup trends, which is powerful content today, you may predict what may come in the future which allows the opportunity for you to explore AR Makeup, digital perfume etc. These theories could still be posted to your blog which can be advertised as a CTA on your Instagram or TikTok under your makeup looks.

    Overall, I think your project is so interesting and I am so impressed by your makeup skills, I would love to see a future inspired look. You are so creative I think it would be amazing to look at. Well done so far!


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