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Beauty Standards in the Future

Beauty standards are defined as individual qualifications that particularly women are expected to meet in society in order to feel accepted, confident and successful. These standards are set goals that women aim to achieve, to be perceived as attractive and beautiful in a given culture.

What makes someone beautiful? Depending on the generation of this question being asked, the answer changes. However, to keep it short and sweet, the qualities of a person that give pleasure or joy to others is defined as beautiful.

Stewart, S (2021) states that beauty standards for women in todays society are described as thin, tall, feminine physiques with a small waist, a larger chest and a larger backside. However, beauty standards are constantly changing due to the need for them to be unique. If too many women are able to meet the beauty standards of a particular time and place, then those standards change as they are no longer perceived as “special” (Saltzberg and Christler, 2006). The beauty standards of this century arised from the past beauty standards, shaping our vision and providing new unique beauty goals, which is an ongoing cycle (VanEdwards, n.d).

The Evolution of Beauty Standards (Lenehan 2020)

The problem that beauty standards attract, is the guilt and depression that women have if they are unable to meet these standards. This lowers their self esteem and can definitely damage their mental health. Luckily in todays day and age, there are advanced procedures that can be considered to alter peoples’ appearances.

Speaking of altering… What will beauty standards be like in 10 years?

There are two main predictions of the future:

  1. The consideration of a “parabolic indirection” is something that could definitely be achievable in 10 years as the advanced technology leaves the world with large probabilities (Suvin, 1972). This is the future of altering peoples genes and somewhat predicting and creating the appearance of an individual. Would this fill the world with cyborgs? This is considered as curating someone that can benefit from their changes.
  2. The beginning of healthy, sustainable and natural lifestyles are here and this leads me to believe that the next 10 years will be completely revolved around these aspects. Beauty standards will be desirably anything that is considered a healthy and happy person. The positive body confident world will flourish and there will not be a particular “beauty standard” that women will feel the need to achieve. Women empowerment will transform the world and natural makeup, natural genetic body shapes and pro-age lifestyles will take over.

What do you think the future holds?


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