Be aware of botnets!!

There are so many forms of cyberwarfare however, today I will concentrate on botnets and how they can be harmful. 

A botnet is a network of computers infected with malware that allows a hacker to perform any activity they want on your device. This allows for the cyber criminals to control the infected devices remotely and indiscreetly. 

This reminded me of the not only the hackers that are taking over the popular phone app called Amongs Usand are controlling the outcome of the game but also those software updates that seem legitimate but are in fact just a botnet that has been installed and can control your device and take your personal data. 


Izaak, 2020, ‘Among Us: Why is the game being hacked?’, Sportskeeda, Blogpost, viewed 27 October 2020

Published by Caitlyn Perrine

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One thought on “Be aware of botnets!!

  1. I think this is a great blog for people who don’s know what a botnet is and why they are used. For this topic I spoke about the fact that malware is made up of all these tiny 0’s and 1’s and how dangerous they can be if they get into the wrong hands (cybercriminals). It’s not only bad if an individual puts malware on your device or network, but also very bad if this malware is sent out through botnets. Here in an article I used that talks about all the different types of malware!


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