Research and Ethics- Makeup Niche

Hey there, welcome back to another blog! This post is going to be a more informative one, to better your knowledge on makeup.

As I have stated in my previous blogs, I want to do an ethnographic study on my media niche ‘makeup’ as I want to spread awareness to others outside of the community, the purpose of it and why it has grown to be so important. I gained this idea overtime as a self-proclaimed makeup artist through comments and statements from others that claim that “makeup is something that women do to make them look better and to impress a man”. This may be accurate for some women, however, in this day and age makeup has become so much more than just something to do to impress a man. 

In an article by Osborn, D (1996), it states that “beauty is as beauty does”, but what does that mean? There is recent study that was designed to look further into this saying by trying to discover if individuals can influence their own attractiveness ratings by the self-presentation strategies of makeup use and posture. It was found through this study to be possible, this means that people have changed their morals and reasoning for wearing makeup. Makeup has become something that women and men wear in order to find confidence in themselves, it is a way to feel empowered and happy and they do get this feeling by “enhancing their facial features to appear more beautiful” (Jones, Porcheron & Russell, 2018).

Makeup is not only for everyday people, but it is also needed when producing films, plays etc. Being a makeup artist is a career, it gives those who have an eye for detail the opportunity to express their creative desires and make it into a career. Movie buffs and film scholars alike often overlook the importance of makeup artists, hair stylists, and costumers. With precious few but notable exceptions, creative workers in these fields have received little public recognition, even when their artistry goes on to inspire worldwide fashion trends (McLean, 2016). This is why I want to share the knowledge I already have and do further research to spread the importance of makeup and how it is useful in this world, especially as it is very media driven and will be even more in the future. Even for those who don’t pursue a career doing makeup for large films and plays, there are many other career paths where makeup artists can express their creative desire and this includes social influencers or makeup for everyday people. 

Makeup Career

When doing my ethnographic research, it is important to consider and prevent any ethical issues that may arise. As I am not doing any interviews and don’t need any specific participants, it will differ and limit the number of issues that could occur. 

  • Confidentiality/Anonymous:

As I am collecting data from the engagement of my personal blog page, I will respect all participants and keep them as anonymous. I will do this by giving them a fake name such as ‘user 1’. 

  • Honesty:

I will be 100% honest to my participants, with how I find my finding and will not change or persuade the results in any way. 

  • Harm:

Prevent psychological/physical harm to observants, prevent social disadvantages, exclude any financial status’. 

  • Deceptive practices:

I have avoided any deceptive practices when designing my research plan and will continue to avoid them. 


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Osborn, D, 1996, ‘Beauty is as Beauty Does?: Makeup and Posture Effects on Physical Attractiveness Judgments’, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, vol. 26, issue 1, pp. 31-51.

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