The world in which we live in today has changed so dramatically and this is due to the internet paradigm. Our reality has drifted so much due to operational modes and effects that create a controlled reality. The key concept I’ll talk about today is hyperreality.

Jean Baudrillard, the producer of the book ‘Simulacra and Simulation’ 1981, demonstrates hyperreality in todays society. And when first learning about this topic, it really helped me to understand with the initial explanation of the phases of a sign:

  1. Reflection: represents a basic reality (a copy)
  2. Mask: covers up a basic reality (perverted copy) 
  3. Illusion: substitutes the absence of a basic reality (pretending to be a copy) 
  4. Simulacrum: bears no relation to any reality 

Baudrillard states that “hyperreality is the generation by models of a real without origin or reality”; hyperreality is a representation, a sign, without an original referent. He also suggested that there is a difference between the media and reality and what they represent. And that is what I found the most relatable and understanding as I see these things occurring. 

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Baudrillard, J, 2002, ‘Jean Baudrillard: Simulacra and Simulations’


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3 thoughts on “Hyperreality

  1. You have recaptured what was spoken in the lecture well, while the additional source you use to understand the different forms of hyperreality is excellent. I feel further informed with information I did not particularly know before. Very sophisticated the way you wrote this and very easy to read. Good job!


  2. After reading your blog, it really made me better understand Jean Baudrillards ‘Simulacra and Simulations’. You really recuptured the lecture and its main points and structured information in the way its understandable and easy to read!


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